February 3, 1864

Johnsons Island, Sandusky Ohio
Feb 3d 1864

Dear Sarah
Your kind letter of the 29th Jan. came to hand, you of course can imagine the pleasure It affords me on receiving a letter from you. you spoke in your letter of receiving mine of the 30th Dec also one of Jan 20th. I am sorry to learn that the small pox is in Portsmouth you must be careful with the children and do not let them run out. you spoke of Augustine Mo having lost a child was it from that disease. I have given up all hopes of getting the box and shall not trouble myself about the matter again as for Mr. Brown I shall not write to him or trouble him and more, he has received two letters from me and has not answered either of them. he told Gus that he had sent money to me twice and had not heard from me. the last time I do not believe he sent it. I am sorry to learn that Aunt Mary is in such bad health. give my love to her. there is some talk of sending us from this place, where I do not know, send me a few stamps if you can get them. give my love to your Ma and all home, kiss my darling children for me would that I could see you all remember

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