January 27, 1864

Johnsons Island Sandusky

Ohio. Jan 27th 1864

Dear Sarah,

You kind favor of the 20th was received to day in which you state that the last received from me was dated the 9th. but I suppose ere this mine in answer to yours of the 9th & 14th have come to hand. I was truly sorry to hear of the death of Jordan. many more will meet with the same fate. it is a hard life in any prison. I have not heard from and of my boys for some time the last heard from them they are at Pt Lookout, Walker, Dashield,[1] Wallace Williams, Bob Daughtrey, & Eugene Brooks are there, and I hope are well. find out when Daughteys Father heard from him. I have written to them but have received no answer to my last. you spoke of Ann Eskridge I am not surpprised at hardly anything I hear these times. you spoke of Sarah White also whom do you mean Henry White’s widow. I am glad to learn you are well and want for nothing. I must use your own words in this respect do not deceive me, if I am sick I shall certainly let you know and do not buoy me up with the hope that you are doing well. I was not aware that Mary had a relative by that name it must have been a relative of her husband. how long has Marion been at Pt Lookout I suppose every body are taking the oath in Portsmouth. give my love to your Ma and all home, and to all who may enquire of me, kiss Ida & Lucy for me from your affectionate Husband Henry

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