November 19, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Nov. 19th 1863

Dear Sallie,

yours of the 19th I have just received and hasten to reply I was not expecting a letter from you to day as I wrote to you the first of the week and would have written sooner but was quite sick at the time I received your letter. I think I stated in my last that I was quite sick with Rheumatism and had to be moved about but thanks to the good Lord I am up again although not well. I think myself quite fortunate in getting up so soon and with proper care hope soon to be well again. do not make yourself uneasy about me. I often wished for you dear Sallie while sick but could not have you with me it would have been a pleasure indeed. yesterday John Lewis received the pictures of his wife and three children taken in a case and sent through Post office, next to seeing you all I would rather have your pictures above all things, in this would if you can possibly send me my thick coat and pants with a vest do so I mean my ribbedcoat those and some socks are all I want you will have to pay the express on them when they start get some gentlemen to attend to it for you do not trouble yourself about it if not convenient. I must close now kiss the children fro me my love to your ma and all home and to all friends from your affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen

go and see Mrs Lewis

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