October 27, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Oct 27th 1863 

Dear Sallie.

I have just received your last of the 23rd inst I wrote you a few lines on Sunday as I felt in a writing mood at the time, I was not expecting one from you to day and was delighted on receiving it. I am sorry I spoke about Aunt Mary in my last and feel satisfied she misunderstood you. I would not mention it to her although when I saw her letter it made me feel a little vexed. I expect Mary Eliza has seen quite a hard time on her way to Rich. I hope she has arrived in safety  ___ this, and so Mrs Brown is in the Hospital. I am glad to hear it as she is with Jim, and can do much good who do you mean little Jim or his Pa had the fall, rather a severe mishap I was not aware Grey (?) was in Ports. I do not want anything in the clothes line but Socks and Vest. if I have fit to send if not do not bother about it, as I told you if I should need Coats & pants I can let you know, I am much better than when I last wrote and will I trust soon be hearty again I must now close give my love to your ma, Joe & Fanny, and Ebba, if she is with you remember me to all friends & relatives kiss the children for me. from your Affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen

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