Episode #1 - The Myth of the Black Confederate Soldier with Kevin Levin

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Have you ever been minding your own business enjoying a little  Civil War history contemplation when someone tries to convince you that there were thousands of black  soldiers in the Confederate Army?  I have a little talk with historian Kevin Levin, author of Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murderabout this phenomenon. We talk about the controversy and the myth...and in the end, try to come to some conclusions about why it is so important for so many to imagine black soldiers in gray. We discuss...

  • How one might define a "soldier."

  • How black people involuntarily contributed to the Confederate cause

  • Why the myth of Black Confederates is so persistent

  • And whether or not it is worthwhile arguing with wingnuts

And that's not all - Kevin offers some advice for students and makes a great movie recommendation...you'll want to move on this one.

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