Episode #2 - Civil Rights in Richmond, Virginia with Julian Hayter

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You think you know about the Civil Rights movement. I know you do. You know all about the movement to secure the vote...right? Well, guess again my friend.  In this episode, Julian discusses his upcoming book, The Dream is Lost: Voting Rights and the Politics of Race in Richmond, Virginia, and opens our eyes to the unintended consequences and the legacy of the movement to secure voting rights for African Americans in Richmond, Virginia in the 1950s and 60s. We discuss:

  • The "suffrage crusades" in Richmond that predate the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the mobilization of black voters

  • Resistance to mobilization in Richmond

  • Redistricting and marginalization of black people by the end of the 20th century

  • The legacy of this marginalization in the 21st century

And that's not all - Julian has some great advice for history students and offers a fantastic book recommendation - White Trash: the 400 Year History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg - so you had better get to it!

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