Episode #11 Low Country Africana with Toni Carrier

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Toni is a historian and genealogist who is doing some outstanding work researching the lives of slaves and former slaves in the so-called Low Country. If you do not know where that is then you need to listen - like right now. I am really happy to finally get to talk with Toni about how she connects people with their ancestors AND all of the things she is doing with African American public history. Public history is where it's at, y'all...so pay attention :)

We discuss:

  • The ins and out of what we call the "Lowcountry"

  • The inspiration behind the Lowcountry Africana website

  • Students of African American history

  • Social Media

  • USCT veterans

  • Public history

Toni recommends that we all read Slaves in the Family by Edward Ball AND she offers some great advice for students too...listen up!!

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