Episode #12 The Slave Dwelling Project with Joseph McGill

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There is really no way that we, as Americans in the 21st century, will ever know what it was really like to experience what slaves did in the Ante-Bellum South. However, we can get closer to understanding it - archival research is a good start. But, as Joe McGill illustrates, the actual slave dwellings, many of which are still standing, offer a great deal of the story - and engaging with the physical artifacts can only add to our understanding. In this episode, Joe explains his Slave Dwelling Project - an effort to educate about the realities of slavery and his campaign to save the places where slaves lived their lives. Joe is also a living historian - recreating a soldier from the famous 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. We talk a great deal about Black men in the Civil War - both North and South.  So if you think about it, this is two-for-one episode. Enjoy!! We discuss:

  • What Joe expected to find when he embarked on this project

  • The unexpected...and there is always something unexpected...

  • Public reaction to his work

  • The educational opportunities with the project

  • The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and working as a living historian

  • Critics who feel that reenacting glamorizes or trivializes warfare

Joe suggests (and I agree) that we all go out and see The Free State of Jones, he has some great advice for students of history and recommends The Diary of Anne Frank - seeing parallels here with his own work. Please be sure and visit The Slave Dwelling Project online - from there you can find out more about special events and educational opportunities.

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