Episode #16 Beyond the Irish Brigade with Damian Shiels

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Oh yes...if you ever wanted to know  about the Irish in the United States during the 19th century I've got your guy. Archeologist and historian Damian Shiels has done a tremendous amount of work on Irish immigration and Irish involvement in the American Civil War. He is the author of The Irish in the American Civil War and most recently, The Forgotten Irish: Irish Emigrant Experiences in America. Seriously - it turns out there is a lot more to the Irish in 19th century American culture (and Irish throughout the world, for that matter) than the famous Irish Brigade. We touch on quite a bit of what they were doing - you'll want to listen up to be sure.

We discuss:

  • Damian's work as an archeologist (stay tuned for another show on this...)

  • Developing a comprehensive narrative of the emigrant experience through the use of pension records

  • The Irish commitment to the Union (and Confederate too) cause.

  • Slavery and emancipation

  • And of course...the Irish Brigade

You will be able to meet Damian in person in Washington DC at a book signing slated for March, 2017. For now you can connect with him on Twitter and on his blog, Irish in the American Civil War.

Listen to this show...I mean it. Damian has some great advice for students and recommends that we all read Massacre in Memphis: The Race Riot that Shook the Nation One Year After the Civil Warby Stephen V. Ash. If you would like a free audio version of the book,  visit this show's sponsor at Audible.

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