Episode #19 Cocktails (and other stuff) with Maggie Yancey


Holla!!! We're back!!! After a second semester hiatus I am very happy to return to the podcasting world with Maggie Yancey. Maggie is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Tennessee (her home state) and is finishing up her dissertation on Civil War era liquor and identity. As you might imagine, there is so much more to this than I had expected, and Maggie certainly fills me in. But we talk about so much other stuff...from yoga to comfort food to the state of academia. This is a must listen for history peeps and anyone who is thinking about life beyond a post graduate degree. We have some laughs on this one, and Maggie calls someone a dirty name...guess who...? (snicker) We discuss:

  • Yoga (seriously...it's good for body and soul)

  • Food and identity, especially regional

  • Booze. I mean.

  • The Civil War

  • What one might do besides pursuing the conventional academic job track

Maggie is currently building a website dedicated to her work as a historian, which will be ready for your perusal soon, and you can also find her on the usual social suspects, Twitter and Instagram. Head over to both of these right now and give here a follow...and remember to say hi from me :) And you know what else is cool? Clearly she has good taste in movies - we had a great talk about Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, one of the most epic Lincoln movies out there. What's more, Maggie reads things other than history books. I mean, we all should really - and she recommends that we check out Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence and Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It.

So - there you have it. It's good to be back. Enjoy the episode :)

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