Wearing Gay History with Eric Gonzaba


Greetings all! This week we talk with George Mason University Ph.D. candidate Eric Gonzaba about his work with two absolutely fascinating digital archives: Wearing Gay History and the Rainbow History Project. If there has ever been a great case for exploring how textiles and other material culture can help us understand currents of history, this is it. We also get into Eric's research on African American and Queer nightlife in the latter third of the 20th century. Great stuff...and I hope to welcome Eric back to the show soon. We discuss:

  • The creation and continued growth of Wearing Gay History

  • LGBT communities and textiles

  • Diversity within communities

  • Digital history

  • His research project: Because the Night: Nightlife and Remaking the Gay Male World, 1970-2000

Eric has some really excellent advice for history students (which I follow myself) and suggests we all go right out and readIn Cold Bloodby Truman Capote (that's the second nomination for Capote this month...) and The Ways of White Folks by Langston Hughes. You'll also want to check out Eric's other project, the Trump Protest Archive, and shoot him a Tweet!

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