Episode #40 Addressing Gettysburg with Matt Callery

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This week I am happy to welcome Matt Callery to the show. Matt has been a part of the Gettysburg tour and interpretation scene for some time, and he is now the co-host (along with Peter Bonfanti) of the Addressing Gettysburg Podcast…due to drop toward the end of May 2019. Be sure and head to their website and subscribe to the mailing list so you don’t miss the premier show! You can also check out Addressing Gettysburg on Instagram and Facebook. So get to it!!

Matt and I talk about all sorts of Gettysburg stuff…

  • Why the battle looms so large in the American historical consciousness

  • What we can learn from a guided tour

  • Why there is so much Confederateness there

  • Battlefield interpretation

  • The old Visitor Center and Cyclorama building

  • What do we do with the all the Rebel monuments (a favorite topic of mine).

We also hit on some good books: Coddington’s Gettysburg Campaign and the works of John Bachelder

So have a listen…enjoy!! And please feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below.

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