January 5, 1864

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Tuesday Jan. 5th 1864

Dear Dear Sarah

Your kind and affectionate letter dated 1st came to hand this afternoon I was indeed pleased to hear from you all. you ask how I spent Christmas. I must answer as well as could be expected situated as I am. Jno Vermillion received a box with something good in the christmas line and we had a very good dinner. but it was not spent as I would have wished it. and so Ida wishes often to see her Pa. bless her dear little heart tell her her Pa often wishes to see his little girl, but cannot yet. it was a sad christmas to us all dear Sarah but I trust the next will be better. I suppose you did not know whither Augustine Moore had received my letter as you did not make mention of it in yours I hope Mary Dodd will be able to do as she told you. it may be that out of all I will be able to get one after a while. I would like to have a little smoking tobacco if it could be sent. try and find out if Augustine Mo received my letter. Emmanona is kinder than I expected she would be, I believe she thinks much of the children. what is Bowers doing remember me to him and family also to Aunt Mary. I must write to her my thanks to Mary D. for the good wishes, Ma & Shell both owe me a letter my love to them all, I heard through John Lewis by a letter from his wife Laura Russ was going to Richmond remember me to her and her Ma. thank you for the money you will not do as I ask you my love to your Ma, and all home good bye dear Sarah from your Affectionate Husband Henry

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