January 9, 1864

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Saturday Jan. 9th 1864


Dear Sarah

Your kind favor of the 5th came to hand to day in which you say you received mine of Dec 24th on Saturday last. you say all would be well with you is you could be certain that I was well and not suffering. I am quite well and completely situated although we have had since very cold weather here and now it is quite cold. I have plenty of bed clothing and sleep warm, and have no need of exposing myself to the weather during the day. we also have plenty of fire wood. in my last to you I spoke of my health and stated that I thought I would be a better man when released from prison I alluded to my health. I trust I am a better man otherwise, I do not wish you to trouble yourself any farther in regard to the box, if they will not allow it, do not let your mind be upset about it. I can do without it. you have again sent me money as I told you before you have sent more than double enough to pay for those pictures and I would much rather have them than the money, if it is not convenient to get the childrens you can send yours you can send it through the Post Office as Mrs Lewis did. I shall not speak farther on the subject. I wrote to you on the 30th Dec. also on the 5th this month. It has been rumored here that we would be sent to Pt Lookout doubtful I guess. my love to your ma, and all home kiss the children for me my love to all relatives and friends from your affectionate Husband


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